There are four patron levels you can sign up for that will help keep you up to date with everything happening in Office 365, Azure and the Microsoft Cloud, bronze, silver and gold and gold enterprise with the following benefits:

Bronze US $25 pm (Annual $AU billing available upon request) - which provides:

  • Exclusive access to my private Facebook community where you can share and learn from others
  • Free access to all the recordings from the monthly CIAOPS Office 365 and Azure webinars.
  • Free access to the external CIAOPS Microsoft Teams portal that includes things like a dedicated SharePoint Site, Planner, and more.
  • Free access to the CIAOPS Patron Intranet which is full of documentations, whitepapers, eBooks and more. All easily searchable.
  • Access to my Office 365 and Azure OneNote codexes packed full of information and links
  • Access to being an affiliate and receive 25% commission on all CIAOPS Academy courses you sell
  • At the bronze patron level you also get 25% discount off CIAOPS Academy courses and 50% off publications
  • Discounted access to the CIAOPS Learn program
  • Single user access

Silver US $50 pm (Annual $AU billing available upon request) - which provides all the benefits of the Bronze level plus:

  • Free access to a monthly 'Ask Me Anything' session where you can ask your cloud technology and business questions.
  • 50% discount off CIAOPS Academy courses and free access to any publication
  • One (1) free license to the CIAOPS Learn Program
  • One (1) free Yubikey device per year
  • Greater discounted level access to the CIAOPS Learn
  • After the twelve (12) month anniversary you will receive free access to the CIAOPS Academy Complete Course catalogue which includes every online training course.

Gold US $100 pm (Annual $AU billing available upon request) - which provides all the benefits of the Silver level plus:

Gold Enterprise US $250 pm (Annual $AU billing available upon request) - which provides all the benefits of the Gold Level plus:

A 7 day free trial is available upon application to The trial only provides access to the private CIAOPS Facebook community for a period of 7 days.

"Robert is a huge credit to the SMB support community, his knowledge of the Office 365 and Azure space is unsurpassed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Robert's blog, podcast, training resources and his Patron funded tech community." - Nick Lloyd, Active Business Communications UK

"Robert has coached and mentored us to correctly grasp the power and value in Microsoft’s Cloud offerings and thereby equipped us to deliver that value to our clients, win win.

The value we get from Robert’s CIAOPS Patron membership is immense, way more benefit than all our other tech feeds combined and it’s not just technical, there’s business directions there too.

I cannot recommend the CIAOPS Patron group highly enough."

- David Nicholls, Solve Business Services

"Staying abreast of the rapid changes in the IT industry in today's world can be a daunting and timely exercise. Since using the resources of Robert Crane from CIAOPS we have been able to better filter out the unnecessary noise of public information and better manage our time required to keep our fingers on the pulse. Robert’s informative knowledge base and CIAOPS Academy is a MUST HAVE resource for anyone seeking to better understand the changes required today to stay on top of the IT industry." - Craig Young, Green Data IT

"I recommend Robert Crane for the wealth of experience he brings with Office 365 and Azure, with this experience he provides a vast amount of resources for sharing and learning at various levels." - Robert Coleiro, Computer Help Sydney

"It's hard to find a trusted source of knowledge on Office 365 and Azure, but Robert Crane's CIAOPS Patron program is a great way to ask questions and get a quick, helpful response. The Facebook group is worth the admission price alone when comparing to an hour of 3rd party support, but there's extra benefits on top that make this a no-brainer for me to happily continue to use" - Adam Fowler, Microsoft MVP